Murtaza Karanfil

From the President

"Sustainable growth between Libya and Turkey and we aim to reviewing the development to economic restructuring."

Murtaza Karanfil - President
Turkish Libyan Businessmen Association

About TULIB ?

We share facilities and sectoral developments between Turkey and Libya

Founded in 2011 by the leading businessmen, the Turkish Libyan Businessmen's Association (TULİB); conducts its activities in order to improve the historical friendship, with the continuation by getting stronger, and trade relations between Turkey and Libya in order to serve the best interests of the two countries.

TULIB is a civil society organization of Turkey that brings together the businessmen who especially wish to invest…

Technology, working conditions, labor market and changes in the demands of the market, which are constantly developing with globalization, are increasing in parallel with education.

The dominant factors that determine the success or failure of a business venture among people envisioned as entrepreneurs generally stand out as dynamism and risk-taking…



As TULIB, we continue to strengthen our commercial and economic activities with the events we organize.