Turkish Libyan Businessmen Association

Turkish Libyan Businessmen Association

Founded in 2011 by the leading businessmen, the Turkish Libyan Businessmen's Association (TULİB); conducts its activities in order to improve the historical friendship, with the continuation by getting stronger, and trade relations between Turkey and Libya in order to serve the best interests of the two countries.

TULIB is a civil society organization of Turkey that brings together the businessmen who especially wish to invest in the future by increasing solidarity in North Africa and Libya. In order to adapt to the economic and strategic competitions of the global world, it aims to create a cooperation environment by bringing together dynamic businessmen, manufacturers and exporters who manage energy, industry, mining, textile, health, recycling, tourism, transportation and logistics processes.

TULIB; while contributing to the growth of trade volume between Turkey and Libya, it also has led entrepreneurs to increase the investment trusts in numbers and increase the trade with Libya and  Africa.

We will contribute to every aspect of the economy in order to raise the commercial dialogue with Libya and African countries, which we see as the stakeholders of our common historical heritage; we will walk together towards a bright future by acting on the principles of solidarity, cooperation and sharing.

For the continuation of a deep-rooted friendship between Turkey and Libya and for a sustainable economy, we have built common sense and cultural cooperation. For this purpose, we have specified our mission by adopting cultural diplomacy as well as commercial diplomacy.

TULIB, an umbrella organization for the deep-rooted friendship and sustainable export between Turkey and Libya, is the platform that brings together the most successful and respected business people who are expected and want to go beyond the expected and invest in the future.