Technology, working conditions, labor market and changes in the demands of the market, which are constantly developing with globalization, are increasing in parallel with education.

The dominant factors that determine the success or failure of a business venture among people envisioned as entrepreneurs generally stand out as dynamism and risk-taking characteristics. Most of the studies conducted within the framework of this view focus on the relationship between entrepreneurs' motivation, skills and personal character and job performance.

As the TULIB Youth, we contribute to the development of entrepreneurship culture among young people by determining a strategy in order to develop the skills and competence of the young entrepreneur potential in our country. In this direction, we aim to develop young people, having the entrepreneurial spirit, with various perspectives from the originality to innovation, from initiative to courage, from risk taking to imagination, and to make their breakthrough in the labor market.

Our vision is to be the platform that transforms ideas into value by using Turkish factors of production in the best way possible.